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Amanda Phillips HERE!

I am so excited today to be able to demonstrate  what has become one of my very favorite products.

8 1/2 x 11 Art Journal

BB L Art journal

along with (you will see me use these a LOT), Fanciful Frames 2!

Now I know so many of you are wanting to do art journaling and find yourself afraid of the process. A very dear friend of mine was over just the other day and we both, almost at the same time, said something that I am sure all of us think.  If I use that one product that I bought..then I risk either ruining it and wasting the money…or worse…I will never find more of that one item I loved so much in the package…”we all do this”.  Because truthfully I have yet to find a artsy person out here that doesn’t get lost with the “In Love” feeling of all that product being ours BWAHAHAHAHAHAH!



Pick up your journal, mixed media bobbles, treasures, and lets get inky.

First I painted a rectangle in Gesso on the front of my journal cover…This need not be perfect as you will see it is in the imperfections that we find character. I used a  vintage image printed with the laser printer and decoupaged it on, trimming the over hung paper from the edge.

BB L Art journal 1

Stamp the stamp of your choosing, being sure to use permanent ink here. Next I used inky daubers and colored my frame and polka dots, see inky supply picture for suggestions. Highlight your dots and words with permanent fine line marker.

Use dimensional dots to glue frame on image. You will notice a plastic texture plate, this was made using the discarded packaging of some glass cells I used for another project. Add some words of your choosing, some ribbon, and your newly decorated art journal is open for business! Thank you for stopping by and seeing us and I hope you have a really Artsy Day!

BB L Art journal 2BB L Art journal 3

BB L Art Journal 4

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3 thoughts on “Art Journal 101

  1. Tristan Blakeman

    What a really fun page! Love of the re-use of packaging – I do that, too! I don’t do a lot of art journaling – maybe your delightful page will give me kick in the pants I need to get jumpstarted!

  2. Shawna Martinez


    i’m afraid of messing journal up too – yours is gorgeous and i love the reuse of packaging, i’m always keeping stuff, thinking “i KNOW i can use this somewhere”, LOL!

    great job amanda <3


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