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Whimsical Christmas Tree

Good morning everyone!  I’ve got a new art journal page for you today, created using Basically Bare’s 5×7 Artful Journal.  The watercolor pages are nice and thick and colors do not bleed through to the other side.  I actually saturated this page with color.

2015-12-13 14.47.27

  1. Stamp the stars using embossing liquid and then emboss with silver powder.
  2. Spray Ink Spot (by Art Anthology) or another dark ink onto your page, blotting and drying until you’ve reached the depth of color you are going for.
  3. Stamp your tree with Versafine ink onto a piece of paper, emboss with clear embossing powder, and cut out, leaving a wide margin.  I painted mine with Art Anthology Ferrari and Parakeet Sorbet.  I embossed the star with silver embossing powder.
  4. Add a trunk cut from a piece of paper and color with a dark brown paint.
  5. Die cut holly and snowflakes from cardstock.  I painted the holly leaves and then embossed with clear powder.  The snowflakes were embossed with silver powder.
  6. Stamp Merry Christmas in black ink and then emboss with green embossing powder.  Adhere everything to the page.
  7. I outlined Merry Christmas with a white pen.  I had also outlined the tree with a red paint pen but went back over it with a white pen.  Next I outlined the holly leaves and snowflakes with a black Micron pen.
  8. Finally, outline the page with a red paint pen.

You are done!

Looking for Basically Bare products?  Just go to our Website and sign up for an account (you’ll need an account to view pricing).  And yes, we do sell at retail.

Until later………………

Supplies Used:
Basically Bare 5 x 7 Arful Binder
Art Anthology Ink Spot Colorations
Art Anthology Ferrari and Parakeet Sorbet
Technique Junkies Star Power and Merry Christmas 2 stamps
Sizzix Movers and Shapers Mini Pine Tree & Holly Set and Mini Snowflakes Set
Clear Embossing Powder
Silver Embossing Powder
Red Sharpie Paint Pen
Micron 03 Black Pen
White Pen

Mixed Media Junk Journal

Hi crafty friends! I wanted to make something that wasn’t Xmas themed even though it is coming up. I like to be different ! Anyhow, I have been wanting to do a Junk Journal using the Timeless Tab Album from Basically Bare Online Shop


I first took it apart and papered some of the pages from the album, I also used the inserts from the Prima Mixed Media 7×9 Album. Which includes paper tags, plain canvas sheets, watercolor papers, resist canvas sheets, plastic sleeves, double sided card stock, photo insert sheets. I also added some double sided designer folders from a Heidi Swap pkg I had in my stash. I left it blank because this will be going to a friend for Xmas. I will post a video link once I upload it , it will contain the rest of the pages that aren’t pictured here. I didn’t want this blog to be too long. The papers that I used were some of my favorite from The Paper Studio, Haberdashery & Kellerkurtz&Company . 


In the above photo collage are some of the pages from my album. I also used one of the adorable frames from Basically Bare called Fanciful Frames  , I used one of the chipboard ones that I embossed in Black embossing powder. I loved how it looked on the front cover page. I added a tiny doily with a ivory flat back pearl to accent the frame. I hot glued it on, after I had already glued some wide vintage lace and a beautiful vintage appliqué . I will be posting a link to my video that shows a more extensive look at this journal . I hope you like it and will order your self this or other selections of albums from the Basically Bare Online Store




Dressing Up a Journal Cover So It Has Somewhere To Go!


I needed a new journal. Now, journaling can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. For some, a journal is a diary. For some, it’s a place to write down not-to-be-forgotten phone numbers, addresses, and shopping list. For some it’s a place to experiment with media productions and how they react with other products. My journaling is a sort of crossbreed of a diary and media experimentation. It’s certainly not meant to be shown to anybody, as nothing in it really a complete piece of work, but just the smallest sniggling of an idea.

As I always do, when I need a new notebook or journal or album, I go to my Basically Bare stash  and found this perfect sized journal for me. It’s called, quite simply, Art Journal and I chose the 5″x7″ size. You can find the art journals in the “Surface Essentials” section of the catalog here.

To embellish the covers, I start by taking the two hard chipboard covers off the ring binder and giving them a good coat of white gesso. I use Faber Castelle Gesso – but any gesso is fine. This will just keep my paint and inks and sprays from soaking into the chipboard – it also gives a white surface which will keep the colors used more true than the ‘cardboard brown’ color of chipboard.


Next I crumple up a piece of tissue paper and roll it into a ball – then I unwrap it and glue it to the the cover using PPA (Perfect Paper Adhesive). I glue down a lot of wrinkles and bumps. Also, because I wanted this to have an aged look to it – and I didn’t want to spend a lot of time distressing it, instead of white tissue, I used a vintage dress pattern piece which gives it that nice aged look. Then I added a couple pieces of crumpled Tim Holtz tissue paper. And set it all aside to dry … make sure each ‘layer’ of your cover is dry before moving forward. If you lay too many wet layers on top of each other (of different mediums) you have a good chance of not having it ever dry properly, and perhaps mildew.


Next, I used two stencils and embossing paste to add texture and additional pattern to the back ground. I used the text across the top of the journal and the brocade pattern across the bottom


From there, I take all the embellishments that I know I want to use and daub on white gesso. I like to use a foam brush for this so I can kind of ‘pounce’ the gesso on and I don’s have to struggle to get all the little pieces and cut outs covered with gesso.


While those are drying, glue a piece of lace across the top of the page. I adhere it down with Golden Gel Medium – but any clear drying glue will work. You will want to make sure all parts of the lace have glue – you don’t want to have anything lift on you after you’re finished with the cover!


Now it’s time to layout your embellishment pieces as you want them to be on your cover. Have fun – play around – see what combination and composition pleases your eye the most. When you have made your decision, glue everything down with a strong adhesive (I use E6000 glue). The embellishments I chose were Gears from the “Mixed Media Embellishments” section of the Basically Bare catalog here. I also used pieces from Blue Fern, Leaky Shed, Prima’s “Relics and Artifacts” (the angel head), a TIm Holtz metal clock, some Wild Orchid mini-roses, and a lightbulb charm and brass corners from who-knows-where. I like using brass corners on art journals, as they get a good workout usually, and the corners keep the cover from getting dogeared. Now dry brush gesso onto everything you have that isn’t already gessoed…and, yes, that includes the lace! Make sure your brush is pretty dry if you have detailed embellishments that you don’t want obscured (such as the metal time piece below. You’re just giving something for the final sprays and inks to grab onto.


Now is my favorite part … painting, misting spraying. I started out using heavily pigmented water colors for the light blue and green center of the piece – added Tim Holtz Espresso Distress Ink spray and then Tim Holtz Hickory Smoke Distress Ink spray in the corners. I also use a paper towel to blot anyplace I think I’ve sprayed too heavily, or that I want to remove a little color before it dries. There are no rules – play, have fun, experiment – it’s your journal!

Finally, with some water, I mix up some ColourArtes Inklingz in the “Miner Miner 49er” color, and highlight all the raised areas that I want to stand out – usually that means most of the highest parts of the composition.

In this photo you can see how the colors look while wet – they may seem garish, but they will tone down as they dry…so don’t be too shy about using color … these water based products will dull down a bit when dry!

Most often, I simply spray some pretty colors on the back with water based inks and spray some water and let the colors blend together and do what they want to. I dont’ want to add any embellishment because I want the book to lie totally flat while I’m working in it. If you’ve never used Ken Oliver’s “Colorburst” color pigments before, this is a great time to experiment and play with them!

DSC00009Once everything is dry (I always let mine sit overnight, just in case there’s some dampness left that I can’t feel with my hands), slip the covers back on the wire ring binding and press the ring tightly closed so they don’t slip out (this does not require Hercules – the bindings bend quite easily). And, voilà! A new journal to write, make art, make holiday card lists or just doodle while talking on the phone!

img119For Basically Bare, the Basically Bare catalog, and the Basically Bare Design Team, this is Tristan signing off until next time!

2015-08-01 13.31.28 HDR

Backgrounds for Art Journaling

Hi everyone.  Today I have a quick tip on how not to have a white page to sit and stare at when you go into your studio to do some art journaling.  I know that all that white space can cause some stress.  Where to start?  What medium to lay down?  How to get from point A to point B, etc. etc.  First, you start with a Basically Bare Art Journal. Any one of our three sizes will work.  They are made with watercolor paper and are perfect for this application.

What I do is create what I call a Excess Paint Journal.  It’s where I put all my leftover paint, mop up any sprays or mists, stamp my inked stamps until they are clean, clean off dirty stencils, etc.  It’s easy to do and you can make some wonderful backgrounds.

2015-08-01 13.47.51  2015-08-01 13.48.03

On these pages, I just brushed on or mopped up excess paint and mists.  You can see on the right where I slid in a dirty stencil, closed the journal, and allowed the watercolor paper to soak up the excess spray that were on them.  Look closely and you can see some stamping where I cleaned off some stamps.

2015-08-01 13.48.13  2015-08-01 13.48.24

More pages.  The one on the left is where I practiced some stamping and smeared on a bunch of excess paint I had on my craft mat.  The one on the right is where I had a bunch of excess tinted texture paste and used it to stencil over some pages that already had some mists on them.

2015-08-01 13.31.28 HDR

And yep, you can great some beautiful journal pages with those scrap pages you created.  The background was created over a period of time just by adding excess paint, texture paste, and wet stencils.  All I did was add a few fussy-cut stamped images, a sentiment, and highlighted random areas with white and black ink.  Having the background already done made this project come together quickly.  And there was no stress from staring at a white piece of paper.

Looking for Basically Bare products?  Just go to our Website and sign up for an account (you’ll need an account to view pricing).  And yes, we do sell at retail.

Basically Bare 5×7 Art Journal
Basically Bare 6×9 Art Journal
Basically Bare 8×11 Art Journal
Art Anthology Velvet – various
Art Anthology Sorbet – various
Art Anthology Colorations – various
Art Anthology Stencils – various

Until later………..

2015-07-04 11.58.00

Journal Cover Fun

Hi everyone!   I wanted to share some of the different ways I’ve decorated the covers of my Basically Bare Art Journals.

2015-07-04 11.58.00 2015-07-04 11.58.15
This is the front and back of one of my 6×9 watercolor journals.

2015-07-04 11.58.36

I’m working on creating random backgrounds by adding any paint, mists, stencils, stamps, etc., that I might be trying or have left over after a project.  I’m getting some interesting backgrounds to use as future journal pages whenever I turn this into a true art journal.

2015-07-04 11.59.07  2015-07-04 11.59.15

This is the front and back of one of my 5×7 watercolor journals.

2015-07-04 11.59.45

I’m already using it as an art journal.

2015-07-04 12.00.12  2015-07-04 12.00.02

And these are the inside covers of the above journal.

What have YOU done in your journal lately?  Do you use it to note special events in your life or as a daily diary?  Maybe you use it as I do as either a way to create a specific project or as a place to put all your excess paint left on your craft mat after a project.  Whatever you do with them, art journals are all about YOU.

Looking for Basically Bare products?  Just go to our Website and sign up for an account (you’ll need an account to view pricing).  And yes, we do sell at retail.

Basically Bare 5×7 Art Journal
Basically Bare 6×9 Art Journal

Until later………..


Ordinary Moments Mixed Media Card

Good morning everyone!  Marilyn here and today I have a project I created with a couple of our Mixed Media Cards for our Mixed Media Card Set.

2015-06-13 16.32.31 copy

I started out with the 3×4 acrylic card and stamped Lover’s Silhoutte from Technique Junkies using black StazOn.  Next, I took one of the 4×6 cardboard cards and removed the top surface, leaving the corrugated cardboard showing.  This I gesso’d then sprayed with Art Anthology Plush.  To make the butterfly, I used the Sizzix BigZ Butterfly Die with Texture Fade.  I then brushed on Art Anthology Juicy, Patience, and Plush.

I misted the entire thing (except for the acrylic) with Gold Fairy Dust and then added my sentiment, curtesy of Paper Artsy.

Looking for Basically Bare products?  Just go to our Website and sign up for an account (you’ll need an account to view pricing).  And yes, we do sell at retail.

Basically Bare Mixed Media Cards Set:  Acrylic and Cardboard
Art Anthology Colorations:  Plush, Patience, Juicy
Art Anthology Fairy Dust:  Gold
Technique Junkies:  Lover’s Silhouette
Paper Artsy:  Bricks and Mortar 1
Sizzix BigZ Die:  Butterflies with Texture Fade

Until later……………………

Gratitude Mini Album

Hi everyone!  Marilyn here today to share one of Basically Bare’s great albums.  For today’s project, I used the Oh So Mini Tabbed Album.  This is a great ringed album and you can personalize it with your choice of a variety of materials (chipboard, felt, watercolor paper, and/or acrylic).  For mine, I chose to go with all chipboard.

2015-05-17 10.16.56

I used a Farm House 6×6 paper pad to cover all my pages.

2015-05-17 10.18.12

I used mini Cabinet Card frames. and Found Relatives from Tim Holtz, and stickers from my stash.

2015-05-17 10.18.53

An assortment of rub-ons, Tim Holtz Photobooth Vintage Photos, and journaling tags.

2015-05-17 10.19.03

These albums can function as mini-scrapbooks, art journals, or photo albums.

2015-05-17 10.19.10

Or you can do what I did and just have fun with them.

2015-05-17 10.19.23

I always leave the backs of my albums plain.  In this case, I added white rub-ons to the top two corners and the middle bottom.

Looking for Basically Bare products?  Just go to our Website and sign up for an account (you’ll need an account to view pricing).  And yes, we do sell at retail.

Until later……………………

What the Heck Do I Do With All These ATC’s?


We’ve all been there. Realizing we’ve been swapping ATC’s (Artist Trading Cards) for a decade or longer – and having received literally hundreds if not thousands of wonderful miniature works of art – and having absolutely no idea what to do with them. They definitely must be saved – they’re far too precious and beautiful to be thrown away – and stuffing them out of sight in shoe boxes and the like in closets just doesn’t do them justice.

That’s when I discovered the Basically Bare Mixed Media Spiral Bound Album “Tiny Tabs.” This 5 1/4″ x 3 1/4″ wide wire spiral bound album is constructed of chipboard and acrylic tabbed pages. And, because I was going to use the album to showcase other art work I didn’t use the album to its full potential, it is strong and resilient and will take sprays and inks and almost every medium you can throw on it! I only used soft gel medium to adhere printed papers to the chipboard pages.

I had just received a PLP swap (Pocket Letter Pal), so I had a collection of nine ATC’s from one person (Tammy van Erp of Canada) which all went together beautifully, and I decided to combine them with the provocative words of poet JP Bloch. I printed out the poems I wanted to include on black cardstock and ran them through the Heidi Swapp Minc machine and gold foiled the writing. It doesn’t show up at all well in the photos, but it’s a knock out in person!


I chose to trim the bottom edge of each page, but it’s not necessary, I just liked the way it looked…and enjoyed the way it felt being held in the hand.

Here are a few photos of the other pages of Tammy and Jon’s work being showcased in the Tiny Tabs album. I’m sure you’ll agree, it’s the perfect album for storing and showing off your collection of ATC’s (or small photographs).

DSC00003 DSC00002 DSC00004DSC00005

The acrylic tab pages are just terrific to divide your album into sections if you would like (I used them them to separate the different areas of life the poems in each section pertained) – or you could use them like the other pages and have an addition tab to add a note or journaling.



One of the other super things about the Tiny Tabs album that I just love is the way the album is constructed, which makes it possible to ‘fan’ open and display as a sort of paper sculpture rather than just a book or photo album. It makes it intriguing and makes you want to look further and see what’s inside!


So get yourself a Basically Bare Tiny Tabs album, get those ATC’s out of those shoeboxes and drawers, and start showing them off in real style!

Thanks for visiting!



Rise and Shine

Hello all!!  Wendy here with you today and wishing you a very happy Monday!  Time to ‘rise and shine’ with a simple card today!

Rise and Shine, @Wendy Morris-Saponaro #projectlife #scrapbooking #papercrafts #cards #cardmaking #basicallybare @basicallybare #chipboard

I shared a previous project earlier here using featuring the really cool chipboard and canvas shapes from the Mixed Media Embellishments by Basically Bare.

Rise and Shine, @Wendy Morris-Saponaro #projectlife #scrapbooking #papercrafts #cards #cardmaking #basicallybare @basicallybare #chipboard

There are textures for everyone in these embellishments — acrylic, chipboard, canvas — all there for you.

Rise and Shine, @Wendy Morris-Saponaro #projectlife #scrapbooking #papercrafts #cards #cardmaking #basicallybare @basicallybare #chipboard

I covered the chipboard sun with patterned paper.  I mounted the felt cloud on pop dots for dimension.  I added some stamped clouds and raindrops.

Rise and Shine, @Wendy Morris-Saponaro #projectlife #scrapbooking #papercrafts #cards #cardmaking #basicallybare @basicallybare #chipboard

Make today sunny and ‘rise and shine’ with positive vibes!

Be sure to grab up online or ask for the Basically Bare Mixed Media Embellishments at your local crafty spot!

Basically Bare Product Used:  Mixed Media Embellishments (Celestial Shapes).

Other:  Watercolor paper, archival ink – jet black, label sticker, stamps (clouds, raindrops).

xo, Wendy

The Souls of Two

Hello all!!  Wendy here and I’m back to share up a twist from the mini album approach today.  I always like to bring an element of surprise to my mini books and art journaling.  I’m currently using a 7 1/4″ x 8 1/4″ format for documenting my Project Life™.  So, I like to go on the ‘mini’ version aside from the 12×12 format AND I like to include elements in my album besides just pages.  The mix is a good thing.  The ‘mini’ style works for me in my busy life instead of a larger format so I go with that flow.

So, this leads to my project today where I created a tag to insert into my album.  I’ll punch a couple of holes into the tag later and it will be all ready to go into my album.

The Souls of Two, @Wendy Morris-Saponaro #projectlife #travels #scrapbooking #minialbum #artjournal #minibook #altered #artjournaling #mixedmedia #basicallybare @basicallybare #chipboard

In this project, I’m featuring the really cool chipboard and canvas shapes from the Mixed Media Embellishments by Basically Bare.  There are textures for everyone in these embellishments — acrylic, chipboard, canvas — all there for you.

The Souls of Two, @Wendy Morris-Saponaro #projectlife #travels #scrapbooking #minialbum #artjournal #minibook #altered #artjournaling #mixedmedia #basicallybare @basicallybare #chipboard

I used an acrylic star from Mixed Media Embellishments (Celestial Shapes) and a chipboard and canvas heart (Hearts).  There are so many limitless possibilities with these shapes.  I altered the chipboard heart with paper, sanded/distressed and inked up to flow with the mood and colors for the rest of my tag.

The Souls of Two, @Wendy Morris-Saponaro #projectlife #travels #scrapbooking #minialbum #artjournal #minibook #altered #artjournaling #mixedmedia #basicallybare @basicallybare #chipboard

I added an overlay of an acrylic star to the edge of the canvas and chipboard hearts.  Then, I tucked in some sweet petite flowers along the edge of the canvas heart.

The Souls of Two, @Wendy Morris-Saponaro #projectlife #travels #scrapbooking #minialbum #artjournal #minibook #altered #artjournaling #mixedmedia #basicallybare @basicallybare #chipboard

I added a couple of vintage photos along with some messy journaling and sketching.  I love vintage, I love mixed media, and this tag is my creative mix of both loves.

The Souls of Two, @Wendy Morris-Saponaro #projectlife #travels #scrapbooking #minialbum #artjournal #minibook #altered #artjournaling #mixedmedia #basicallybare @basicallybare #chipboard

Be sure to grab up online or ask for the Basically Bare Mixed Media Embellishments at your local crafty spot!

Basically Bare Product Used:  Mixed Media Embellishments (Hearts, Celestial Shapes).

Other:  Manila tag, stencils, glass beads, art sugar, glitter, Distress Ink, muslin fabric, soft matte gel, heavy gesso, modeling paste, wood veneer letters, bling, pearls, flowers, pastel pencil.

xo, Wendy