Marilyn Hughes - Design Team Coordinator

I live, work and play in South Louisiana. I've been married for 25 years and have an 18 year son. We also have 3 furbabies, a spoilt-rotten beagle named Mojeaux, an equally spoiled cat aptly named Rascals, and a venerable old Lab named Sam.

I discovered alterered/mixed media art about five years ago through a Ning group and haven't looked back. I started out creating ATCs for swaps and over the years have slowly added all kinds of different surfaces and objects to my repertoire. I currently work with ATCs, Tags, 4 x 4s, canvases, mini albums, matchboxes, and any other surface I can alter. If it will hold still long enough, I'll glue/paint/stain/attach something to it.

Along with my love of papercrafting, I am also an avid miniaturist. Plus, in a joint venture with my mother, I sell antiques/vintage items in a local antique mall.


Amanda Phillips

Hello, I am Amanda Phillips and am delighted to be a part of the
Basically Bare design team! I am a yankee living in the south with my
husband. We have lots of grown kiddo's and are finally to the fun part
"grandbabies" - 2 so far! What a great way to reward parenting ! I am a
sculptor,painter,mixed media collage artist,scrapbooker and all around
crafter . From the earliest I can remember I have pretty much awakened
thinking of what to create today..whether that be chaos or something
arty. I hope to inspire you to see your art through our amazing
products here at Basically Bare!




Jessica Barnett

I am an Arizona native and I live for when it's not summer here. I have
four sons. The oldest is eighteen, then eleven year-old twins, and my
baby is eight. I have been married for twelve years to my husband Glen
(a guy who marvels at the amount of scrapbooking and craft supplies I
own). I am a student studying software engineering and I even work
part-time right now for an online store that sells scrapbook supplies
(so much temptation!).

I have been crafting since I was little, but really got into
scrapbooking shortly after I got married and found out that I was having
the twins. I love to make cards, pages and layouts. I also enjoy making
items to use as decor in my house. When I'm not busy with everything
else, I will sew, bake, quilt, decorate cakes, do embroidery, or read.

Tristan Blakeman

I began life as a dancer/actor working in the theatre - my first job was
at age 6, when I sang in the professional children's chorus at the St.
Louis Municipal Opera. I attended Juilliard School for Acting and worked
in the theatre as both an actor and director for many years. My first
foray into visual arts came about because of my theatre work - I was
directing a production of "Quilts" and couldn't seem to get anybody
willing to create the quilt that was absolutely required for the play.
So I checked out a couple library books and made it myself...I had no
idea that making quilts was supposed to be
hard, so for me it wasn't! I got hooked and spent quite a few years
making and exhibiting art quilts - and a few traditional-with-a-twist
quilts. Gradually, I started getting interested in altered arts and
paper arts, and now I work exclusively in that medium.
I worked as a teacher (theatre) for 25 years. Now retired, I live in New
Haven, CT with my spouse and Brando, the Min Pin that rules our home.

Kristin Tweedale

Hi, I’m Kristin (aka rukristin) and I’m a feminist scrapbooker,
lady-blogger, and community organizer. I believe that as a woman,
telling your story is both a radical and empowering act. I personally
document my story with iPhone photos, colorful paper, and unique
memorabilia. When I’m not working in my studio, designing products,
instagramming, teaching classes, or packing orders in my shop, you’ll
find me playing all the games and critiquing way too much pop-culture in
my awesome mid-century home in East Lansing, Michigan. Find me at or @rukristin on instagram and twitter