About Us

Basically Bare is a family owned and operated manufacturer of fine embellishments and albums for the scrapbooking and paper crafting industry.

Here at Basically Bare we started out wanting to make a line of products to fit all of our personal project needs.  That isn’t always so easy to do with the multitude of ready-made embellishments available for scrapbookers and paper crafters, because most of them are pre-decorated to coordinate with particular paper lines or collections.

We came up with the best bare, alterable materials – chipboard, canvas, white felt, corrugated board, high-quality watercolor paper and clear acrylic - and then designed our line of embellishments around those materials.  Our embellishments are “naked” and easily customized by the artist, depending on your mood or project.

Our Bare Booklets are spiral-bound albums that are alterable and provide the perfect creative backdrop for our line of embellishments. These multi-media books are available in various sizes and are bound together with the same premium alterable materials as our embellishments, for a true tactile experience.

Basically Bare products are completely alterable, which means you can ink them, stain them, or paint them. You can also tear them and distress them because they are well built, allowing their natural beauty to still shine through.

Our materials are "green" and earth friendly, and are recycled, recyclable and/or obtained from sustainable sources. Basically Bare is also a "low landfill" manufacturer, which means that no less than 90% of the waste produced during the manufacturing of our products is locally recycled.

The Basically Bare Mission:
1. Produce the same outstanding quality product time after time.
2. Keep our production costs low so we can pass the savings on to consumers.

3. Be steadfast to our commitment for customer service and satisfaction.

Take a look around, we hope that you like what you see!